Let’s build wellness rather than just treating disease

Eating right can change your physiology & help you heal

Fitness is 20% exercise & 80% nutrition You can’t outrun your fork


Eating right can change your physiology & help you heal

Fitness is 20% exercise & 80% nutrition You can’t outrun your fork

About Dt. Sneha Jain

(MSc. Food Science & Nutrition, Diabetes Educator)

Hi, I’m Sneha Jain, a professional dietitian & nutritionist with over 5 years of experience.

Over the years, I’ve taken to heart, the quote A healthy body is home to a pragmatic mind. And to make a body healthy requires constant efforts, which you might be incapable of doing on your own. I do more than just telling you what to eat. I curate a diet plan that suits your lifestyle & which will prove lucrative in making you healthier. 

Need an expert to guide you through your diet?

Food & Nutrition Coaching

Proper coaching to help you understand the value  of every bite you take.

Guaranteed Results

Guiding you every step of your journey until you reach your desired goal.

Custom Plans

Curated personalized diet plans that help you make the best version of yourself.

Learn How To Eat Healthy Without Changing Your Busy Lifestyle

Being healthy is not a herculean task. With the right diet and a healthy routine, you can stay fit as a fiddle. I can help you become the person you aspire to be without having to give up on your hum-drum life.

By understanding your manner of living, I will create a plan that will benefit you in the long-term and make you healthier.




How Can I Help?

I’ll talk one-on-one with you & together we will work to better understand your nutritional needs to get fitter. Working as a dietitian in Nagpur, I specialize in providing diet consultation for people ailing from a number of conditions like hypertension, diabetes, thyroid, and PCOS. Whether you want to lose some pounds or put on some, I can help you do it, the nutritious way.


Weight gain

Being underweight is as dangerous as being overweight. Besides decreased immunity, being underweight puts you at a risk of severe problems like anemia, deficiencies, developmental delays & fertility problems. And you don’t need to eat a lot to gain weight, but rather eat right. Assessing your health, I can prepare a diet plan for you, which will help you gain weight, while getting healthier. 

Weight loss

Our sedentary lives often lead to us putting on unnecessary pounds on our body. With increasing weight, the risk of a number of diseases increases. These include heart diseases, arthritis, blood pressure & even diabetes. Understanding your lifestyle, body type & nutritional needs, i can customize a diet that will make you shed those kilos easily.


Hypertension or high blood pressure is a widespread anomaly today that can give rise to severe health problems like aneurysm, heart stroke, dementia, metabolic syndrome and at times even heart failure. But hypertension can be kept at bay through good nutrition. A good plant-based diet brimming with nutrition can help you do this.


Hundreds of million people suffer from diabetes today. Not paying enough attention to your diet can make your situation worse in diabetes. It can even put you at the risk of diseases like cardiovascular diseases, kidney damage, Alzheimers’, skin problems & more. But, I can help you keep diabetes in check with a personalized diet.


Pregnancy requires the best care for you & your little one. Nutrition is of optimum importance during pregnancy & our daily diet doesn’t always suffice. It might sometimes lack in providing essential nutrients. With a specialized plant-based diet, I can create a healthy diet for you that ensures the fitness of you & your baby. 


Kids are often too nitpicking when it comes to food. Their little noses scrunch at the sight of healthy food. This causes them to miss out on essential nutrients that are paramount for their growth. To make sure your fussy toddler eats right & grows well, you need a specialized diet for them which will add to their nutrition.


Though thyroid is inarguably an important part of the body, insufficient or excess secretion of its hormones can cause conditions like hypothyroidism & hyperthyroidism. Both these conditions call for stringent attention to diet. With a diet curated assessing your condition, you can rest assured to lead a healthy happy life.


PCOS is a prevalence ailment that affects millions of women today. Though considered incurable, with good treatment & nutritious diet, its symptoms can be controlled. Depending on your condition, your nutritional needs change. Through my years of experience in the field, I can devise a balanced diet that ensures your well-being.

Good Health

Nutrition is a fundamental part of staying healthy. When you eat right, you stay healthy & overall, feel healthy. But the definition of good nutrition can change from person to person. I can curate a healthy vegetarian diet for you to follow that supports you & ensures good health. 

Finding a Balance Can Be Hard, but Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be

It’s not about eating less, but rather about eating right. A customized diet plan devised to fulfil your nutritional needs will help you become fit & healthy in no time. Together, we can figure out the right diet that will take you closer to fitness and your desired body shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How does online consultation work?

For people who are unable to come for face-to-face consultation, I will be providing online consultation via WhatsApp. For this, you can contact me on my WhatsApp number.


My motto as a dietitian is to help curate a diet plan for you that will help provide all the necessary nutrients. But I don’t prescribe medications under any condition because I believe in healing through nutritional diet instead of medications. So, you will get a diet plan, but not medications. 

How long would I need to see a Dietitian for?

Once you reach your health goal through a diet plan, it is not mandatory to keep visiting your dietitian. But it is suggested to do so in specific time intervals. This helps make sure you are in good shape & are eating right. This will also help avoid further complications with your health. 

How can I maintain my weight after completing the weight loss plan?

Once you finish your weight loss plan, I can give you insights on the foods to eat & avoid. This will make sure that your weight-loss efforts don’t go to waste and you stay healthy & in good shape. 

If I have enrolled for face to face consultation, can I switch to online consultation in between the plan?

If an emergency arrives or due to any other reason you miss the face-to-face consultation, you can opt for an online consultation via Whatsapp at any time.

Will you be suggesting any medical tests?

After analyzing your body, if any medical tests seem necessary to rule out any underlying problems or disorders, I would be suggesting those. It will be only for a better understanding of your body so that I can provide you with the correct diet plan.

What should I carry for my first appointment?

Besides a positive attitude & some faith,  if you are suffering from any medical condition please make sure to bring with you your latest reports. Also, if you are regularly consuming any prescribed medications or supplements, do remember to list down their names & bring that list with you.

Do I need to follow the weight loss plan life-long?

No. A weight-loss diet plan is concentrated at helping you lose your excess weight & thus comprises foods that help burn fat. Once you’ve lost enough weight & have a healthy BMI, you can stop following that diet plan after consulting with me regarding the same. 

I travel a lot. How can I still follow the weight loss plan given to me?

You can discuss your travel routine with me & we can figure out a lucrative diet plan that can help you achieve your weight loss goal even when you are on the go. Also, you can schedule your consultations online for ease.

Will I be getting a particular number of sessions in my plan?

Depending on your health goal, I will be suggesting a meal plan to follow for a specific duration. During this duration, I will also suggest some follow-up sessions with you. Besides that, in case of an emergency on your part, you can schedule a session anytime.

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