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Our Super Effective Nutrition Programs

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Pre And Post Natal (Pregnancy) Nutrition

Pregnancy requires the best care for you & your little one. Nutrition is of optimum importance during pregnancy & our daily diet doesn’t always suffice. It might sometimes lack in providing essential nutrients. With a specialized plant-based diet, I can create a healthy diet for you that ensures the fitness of you & your baby. 

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Sports Nutrition

Be active, be fit. Improve your sports or workout performance with personalised nutrition that fuel your body to perform at the optimum, even with rigorous training schedules.
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Weight Gain

Being underweight is as dangerous as being overweight. Besides decreased immunity, being underweight puts you at a risk of severe problems like anaemia, deficiencies, developmental delays & fertility problems. And you don’t need to eat a lot to gain weight, but rather eat right.
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Weight Loss

Our sedentary lives often lead to us putting on unnecessary pounds on our body. With increasing weight, the risk of a number of diseases increases. These include heart diseases, arthritis, blood pressure & even diabetes.
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Diabetes Nutrition

Hundreds of million people suffer from diabetes today. Not paying enough attention to your diet can make your situation worse in diabetes. It can even put you at the risk of diseases like cardiovascular diseases, kidney damage, Alzheimers’, skin problems & more. But, I can help you keep diabetes in check with a personalized diet.

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PCOS/ PCOD Nutrition

PCOS is a prevalence ailment that affects millions of women today. Though considered incurable, with good treatment & nutritious diet, its symptoms can be controlled. Depending on your condition, your nutritional needs change. Through my years of experience in the field, I can devise a balanced diet that ensures your well-being.

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Thyroid Nutrition

Though thyroid is inarguably an important part of the body, insufficient or excess secretion of its hormones can cause conditions like hypothyroidism & hyperthyroidism. Both these conditions call for stringent attention to diet. With a diet curated assessing your condition, you can rest assured to lead a healthy happy life.

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Hypertension Nutrition

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a widespread anomaly today that can give rise to severe health problems like aneurysm, heart stroke, dementia, metabolic syndrome and at times even heart failure. But hypertension can be kept at bay through good nutrition. A good plant-based diet brimming with nutrition can help you do this.

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Kids Nutrition

Kids are often too nitpicking when it comes to food. Their little noses scrunch at the sight of healthy food. This causes them to miss out on essential nutrients that are paramount for their growth. To make sure your fussy toddler eats right & grows well, you need a specialized diet for them which will add to their nutrition.